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Crossing Moonlight and Mick St. John
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Moonlight Crossovers
Much thanks to the amazing luvmeanddespair for designing the community banner for me.

This community is primarily for crossovers with Mick St. John or Moonlight. Fanfic, fanart, icons, and discussion about the show are all welcome. Non-crossovers may also be posted, but should be marked as such. However, at this time I am banning Real Person Fanfic.

Fanfic posts should have the standard information. Whatever fandom(s) that are being crossed should be labeled. All pairings and ratings must be clearly marked. Please label if it is gen, het, or slash. Warnings and spoiler alerts should also be given. Please put all stories behind a cut.

Fanart/Icons: Again fandoms, pairings, ratings, warnings, and spoilers should be labeled. Previews may be posted, but limit it to to 3 icons. The rest should be behind a cut.

Discussion/Comments: Any posts regarding the show should be behind a cut to avoid spoilers. If pertaining to a specific episode, please label as such.

There should be no flaming under any circumstances. If for some reason a problem arises, please let me know. I would also appreciate if people respect others, and be aware of any potential spoilers contained in their post.

P.S. I realized I left something off on the rules. Please tag all posts yourself, much easier to find things that way.

If anyone has any questions, is in need of a beta, or would like to make a suggestion regarding the community, feel free to email me at leiadianaminerva@gmail.com.

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