fic: Moonlight/SV, A different hero, Josef/Chloe, rated pg-13

Title : A different hero
Characters/Pairings : Chloe(Smallville)/ Josef(Moonlight)
Rating : PG-13 (rated higher than it really is)
Words : 1334
Warning : A little angst in here. The scene takes place in the episode of Moonlight called ‘Dr. feel-good’. Chloe is working in L.A. She doesn’t know of the existence of vampires yet…

Summary: She was being chased and she had the feeling like there would be no hero to save her this time…


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Inconsolable (Mick/Beth, Chloe/Clark)
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Dance Inside (Brooke/Josef)
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Fic: Moonlight/Heroes, "The Light, the Dark, the Blood" Claire/Coraline, rated R

Fandoms: Heroes & Moonlight Crossover
Title: The Light, the Dark, the Blood
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Claire Bennet/Coraline, implied Coraline/Mick
Word Count: 3,479
Genre: Angst/Suspense
Spoilers/Warnings: Season One of Heroes, Season One of Moonlight. Warning for sexual situations.
Author's Notes: Done in honor of International Femslash Day! Celebrate!
Author's Second Note: When I refer to Coraline and Morgan, and Coraline as Morgan, I'm using a dual sense of perception in that specific moment.

Summary: The vampire Coraline, now human, takes an interest in a cheerleader in Odessa who can heal herself.

[The Light, the Dark, the Blood]

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Video Recs: Moonlight Crossovers

 I found some of these awesome Moonlight crossover videos, and I thought I should share them. 

Smallville Crossover
She Will Be Loved (Mick/Chloe)
Over My Head (Mick/Chloe)
Where I Stood (Mick/Chloe)

One Tree Hill Crossover
Sweet Sacrifice (Josef/Brooke)

Underworld Crossover
So Deep (Mick/Selene, rated R)
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