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Crossover Prompt Event

A Crossover Prompt Event for Fanart & Fanfiction

Any kind of Crossover can be requested and afterwards filled by whoever would like to do it.


Doctor Who/Moonlight

The below icons were created for [info]xovers20in20 Round 7. Blanks are NOT bases. Please CREDIT & COMMENT if you take anything.

[09] Doctor/Beth (DW/Moonlight) icons 

Holiday Recathon 2010

12 Fandoms, 12 Days

The Holiday Recathon is a fun and fabulous event. Crossovers are one of the rec categories this year, and I'd love to see your favorite Moonlight recs in the list.

Rec Your Favorite Fics Here


crossover icon community

a crossover icon challange community
join * claim your fave crossovers * make 10 icons in 10 days

I'd love to see Moonlight crossover claims!

Like making icons? Like Crossovers?

This community is for you!


Please join if you're interested!!!


Sonata (Part 1)

Author: LumCheng (September 2009)
Part: 1/?
Fandom: Queer as Folk & Moonlight
Pairing: Brian/Justin, Brian/Josef
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slash, lemon, drama, violence, blood, vampire, supernatural, x-over
Summary: Right after Justin went to NY, Brian goes on a business trip to LA and meets the head of Kostan Industries, who seems to be very different from any other potential client he had before. When Brian returns from the trip, he gets all his shit from the loft and moves into Britin, acting different towards his friends. And then Justin returns from NY...

-> Epilogue: Pathetique
Fandoms: Moonlight & True Blood (Southern Vampire Mysteries)
Title: The Other Types
Author: Paynesgrey
Characters/Pairings: Coraline/Pam, Eric/Sookie implied
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP/light humor
Warning: sexual situations, oral, blood play
Word Count: 1,980
Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood, the SVC books, or Moonlight nor make profit from it.
Spoilers: some spoilers for Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris, but not much. You could still read with a general knowledge of the series.
Notes: This idea has been niggling lately, so I decided to just go with it.
Summary: Pam takes interest in an unusual vampire visiting Fangtasia.

[The Other Types]
Since we're seriously lacking in the fic department of Zatanna... I'm going to hold a Zatanna Drabble-A-Thon....

So suggest prompts HERE - all Zatanna pairings are allowed.

( Formats for the prompts...... )

Suggestions are being collected from now until June 10. I will then gather all the prompts and post them for June 11th. I'm not sure yet when I'll close the Drabble-a-thon.... probably when we get a DECENT amount of fics.
Title: Won't Leave You
Fandoms: Moonlight and Smallville
Pairings: Chloe/Josef
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: none?
Summary: "I want to be with you.”
Notes: Written for my 40 Days of Drabbles for vodooman prompt Chloe/Josef and written for crossovers50 prompt Writer's Choice. Also written for galorechallenge Challenge 8 prompt Chloe/Josef - love & vampire and written for sv100 challenge Crossover.
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( won't leave you........ )